Second win for a spin-off from Path2Integrity: The tool In Data We Trust? is among the German hackathon #wirfürschule winners

25 JUN 2020

Path2Integrity’s spin-off has won its second hackathon! This time on a national level, the project took part in the German hackathon #wirfürschule ("we for school"). The hackathon took place between 8 - 12 June and brought together experience, ideas and problem-solving skills in nine thematic areas. Path2Integrity’s product In Data We Trust? became a winner in the category ‘Future competencies’.

Path2Integrity’s coordinator Prof. Julia Priess-Buchheit, lawyer and ethics expert Katharina Miller, together with Nina Heuß, Teena Hassan, Katharina Kouniou and Marie Alavi developed a tool to extend the existing learning space of the #EUvsVirus hackathon #trustinscience. In Data We Trust? conveys the complex and pioneering topics of big data and AI with innovative methods and playful elements, making them tangible and usable for students. The tool has a high degree of connectivity and scalability, promotes ethics competence and makes a valuable contribution to political education. The prototype for interaction with live data programmed by the team enables students to examine data sets, observe the relationships between different variables and assess the quality of the data.

This video (in German) provides further information on the mechanism of In Data We Trust?