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Research integrity and ethics, reliable research results, teaching and learning

Learning Cards

With the Path2Integrity learning cards for research integrity, secondary school students and bachelor students, master students and early career researchers are sensitised for the topic and get to learn what it means that good research is based on honesty. Through the use of the dialogical method, students actively deal with research integrity questions in roleplay and storytelling. They engage in real-life examples and acquire competencies that are necessary for the development and use of reliable research results and finally for establishing a culture of research integrity.

Two title stories introduce the topic by means of a dilemma situation:

When choosing from the S-series, please use Emma's chat - What happened at LONA Science Centre? (Download video)

When choosing from the M-series or Y-series, please use Hannah's protocol - Is there a need for a research integrity policy?

Secondary School Students & Bachelor's Students

Introductory video: Path2Integrity learning cards S (download here)

Master's Students

Introductory video: Path2Integrity learning cards M (download here

Early career researchers

Introductory video: Path2Integrity learning cards Y (download here


If you want to test the Path2Integrity learning cards in your school or university and would like to get more information or give feedback, please contact


Path2Integrity is eager to announce that in accordance to the already existing learning cards for research integrity, the project now offers complimentary Handbooks for your assistance. Each of the Handbooks – S, M and Y Series, provides materials and information to the respective Research Integrity learning cards.

The purpose of the Handbooks is to guide future researchers into integrating their knowledge in a coherent and unique research activities. Additionally, by using the learning cards together with the respective Handbook, one can better understand the importance of reliable research.

You can download the S, M and Y Series Handbooks of instructions below!