Path2Integrity’s Dialogues on Learning Research Integrity

11 JAN 2021

During October, 2020 Path2Integrity announced the project’s Dialogues on Research Integrity (RI), which present an outstanding opportunity for anyone interested to join a vivid discussion on various topics related to the responsible and coherent communication of research data.

The first three Dialogues have been held during November in an entirely online environment, however, were deemed a great success as more than 50 participants from all over the world joined the insightful discussions on learning research integrity.

The first online session took place on 6 November and tackled upon "How to promote integrity at your research institution? – Learning from success stories and best practise", where Path2Integrity’s member of the Stakeholder board Zoë H. Hammatt and the Vice-chair of our Path2Integrity Advisory Board - Arja R. Aro, were the leading speakers. Both excellent presenters gave their input on how they have been living and working on research integrity. Further on, the audience have been engaged in a productive discussion on the existing barriers for teaching and learning research integrity at an organisational level, and the many different ways of RI to inspire not only professionals, but the general public as well.

The second dialogue was held on 11 November - "Why STE(A)M education matters - exchange of best practice?", has been organised together with SCIENTIX. This time around the speakers were Stefanie Schlunk, a member of our Stakeholder board and Jacques Guerette, member of Path2Integrity’s Advisory Board. The wonderful moderation has been delivered by Agueda Gras-Velzquez, Head of the Science Education Department of European Schoolnet and Scientix Project Manager.  The focus of the discussion has been placed on the connectedness between various disciplines such as physics and mathematics and their relation to ethics and integrity. As such, the divine speakers emphasised on the point that in order for research integrity to be communicated in a conscious manner, organisations and educators should collaborate for spreading responsible scientific outputs, and maintain the ethical aspects of research integrity.

Our third dialogue on 13 November focused on "Governance of research integrity and trust in science" and our speakers were Sandra Bendiscioli, member of the Stakeholder Board, and  Dick Bourgois-Doyle, Chair of our Advisory Board. The topic of how science and research integrity have intertwined in the past ten years was greatly discussed, with a specific focus on how national agencies are addressing the issue of responsible spread of information.

Path2Integrity is organising this series of dialogues to substitute the conference meeting, which initially had to take place in February 2021. However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions the project team members delivered these preliminary scheduled online sessions, which aim to raise awareness towards the responsible communication of research integrity.

Video recordings from two of the online discussions are available on Path2Integrity’s YouTube channel:

Why STE(A)M education matters - exchange of best practice? - watch here.

Governance of research integrity and trust in science - watch here.