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responsible conduct of research, reliable research results, teaching and learning

Here, you will find all public Path2Integrity deliverables as well as all scientific publications resulting from or relevant to the project.
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What’s integrity got to do with it? Second-year experiences of the Path2Integrity e-learning programme

Authors: Noemie Hermeking, Julia Priess-Buchheit
Type of document: Journal paper
Year: 2022
Journal: FACETS
Volume/Issue: 7/1
Publisher/Place: FACETS

Validation of the mapping of innovative methods and research integrity curricula

Authors: Häberlein L, Cengiz P-M, Demirova I, Dwojak-Matras A, Jacobsen MW, Koterwas A, Lopez B, Metodiev T, Palianopoulou M
Type of document: Journal paper
Status: Published
Journal: Research Ideas and Outcomes
Volume/Issue: 5
Publisher/Place: Pensoft Publishers
Pages: e49755
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